Cultural Values

The CLEAR project proposes incremental innovation starting from the "for All" concept, well known but rarely applied in the SEE countries especially in regards to Cultural Values (CVs). Cultural Values and historic landscapes are important national assets (Historic parks and gardens, museums, historic urban squares and townscapes, ancient monuments, industrial heritage, cemeteries and commemorative sites, archaeological sites etc).

The benefits of improving access go beyond meeting pure legal requirements or fostering equal opportunities. It is an opportunity to attract new audiences, increase the likelihood of repeat visits and improve the quality of experience for all visitors, thus increasing local business and new enterprise creation in relation to tourism fluxes and/or resident services and to new needed professions (advisory on disability issues, promoter of Diversity/for All approaches etc).

More specifically the cultural values actively involved into the CLEAR project are: Museums, Archaeological sites, Squares, City centres and Monuments, Art Galleries/Visual Art Spaces, Auditoriums, Theatres, Historic landscapes, Religious Places.

A bunch of cultural values with accessibility characteristics discovered in the CLEAR project are presented bellow.