CLEAR includes public institutions ONGs and research centers from 7 different countries. Twelve different partners are combining knowledge and personal to achieve project aims. Lead partner is Rimini Province from Italy.

The partner will be involved in the CLEAR project in sharing knowledge about accessibility policies andimproving the situation in the SEE countries as regards "Physical accessibility to cultural Values" (WorkingGroup n.2). Furthermore, due to its expertise in planning administrative actions it will be responsible forthe entire Viability Project Plan.

PP1 represents a platform, an European network of artists promoting peace, solidarity, tolerance andacceptance among people and countries, founded in autumn 2001. The Partner role in the project will be toenhance accessibility of cultural Values rendering the EU heritage "alive" using contemporary art events forall.

The regional administration of Vrasta will lead all the activities regarding the trasfer into policies of CLEARproject outcomes. Working Group outcomes (WP 3) will be valorised by their pilot experience in the settingup of handbook for policy & decision makers on CV exploitation for accessibility to all and for local development.

With its particular field of action, the partner is an asset for the project. It will provide insight intoaccessibility to cultural values via the involvement of the youth population and will focus on accessibility toroman monuments via digital and multimedia representation.

The Municipality of Kranj will be one of the partners dealing with policies on accessibility and will treatexpecially of acessibility to monuments and old city centres. In fact Kranj is one of the rare towns inSlovenia, which has retained its basic outline, with an old town rich in archealogical sites and monumentsdating back to the 7h century and earlier to Celtic settlements.

Harghita county is situated in the middle of Romania, in the western part of Transylvania. The county ispart of Szeklerland a specific ethnic-cultural region where 85% of the inhabitants are Hungarian. Thereforethe role of cultural values are strong and different from the neighbouring regions.

The partner represents the technologial/research side of the CLEAR partnership, with Certh being one of the majoir research centres in Greece. Certh will benefit from the new input coming from such a broadscope in tackling CV accessibility, thereby fostering research in the field of accessibility and IT, fieldsin which Certh operates already several years ago .

Municipality of Velenje (Slovenia) strives to be disabled people kind municipality. The Governing Board ofthe Federation of People with Disabilities has on its correspondence session on 15. 11. 2004 Municipality ofVelenje awarded with status "Disabled - friendly Municipality".

Ekpol aims to successfully tackle obstacles in social issues (supporting vulnerable groups, promotingstrategies for social inclusion, cohesion and development). Furthermore, EKPOL aims to implement projectsfor the cultural promotion of the Magnesia Prefecture through co-ordinated actions. Both of these aims willbe enhanced by their participation in Clear.

This partner belongs to the group of project partners with already gained experiences in Interreg projects.It is also a  partner in an already running SEE project. It's experience in the matter will be used to ensure greater and more effective participation by thosepartners  with less experience in EU initiatives.

The Consortium S.

The partner has a pivotal role in the project. It represents people with different abilities, with socially fragile backgrounds and without doubt a voice to be heard in regard to social and job insertion of disadvantaged groups, dealing specifically with this target population since 1959.

The LP has a relevant role, having the necessary expertise to lead such a complex partnership and severalexperiences in its territory dealing with attempting to resolve social barriers and promoting economicreforms.