Pilot projects

Each pilot experience is intended to increase local CV fruition, tourism fluxes and new job opportunities and professions within the industry.

 One of the most importaint output of CLEAR project are pilot experiences carried out on the different partner premises which are related to accessibility to cultural values. These experiences will tackle the 2 main project starting points -public awareness on CV accessibility and necessary infrastructure- in order to facilitate a leverage effect capable of increasing local development in economic, cultural and social terms. Each pilot experience is intended to increase local CV fruition, tourism fluxes and new job opportunities/professions within the industry.



PILOT EXPERIENCE 1: Regards social accessibility of CVs via special Events for All with particular attention to local immigrant groups & people usually not frequenting Museums & CVs. Some audio-guides will be realised for foreign people & visually impaired people. A specific action geared towards senior citizens (dedicated institutional framework, tailored guided tours, creation of an agreement with the local Mobility Agency for local transport etc).

PILOT EXPERIENCE 2: Paths in CVs for people with learning difficulties: Creation of Learning Paths for people with special needs/ learning difficulties in Rimini CVs with specific attention to modelisation & trasferability.

PILOT EXPERIENCE 3: Accessibile for-All walking, an easy “for All” access to the historical landscape will be created in one of the most magnificent Italian areas (Capo di Leuca area). The attempt will show to local policy & decision makers a means of obtaining dual effect in fostering equal cultural heritage rights whilst boosting local business initiatives.

PILOT EXPERIENCE 4:  Improving Marketing tools & managerial strategies to accessible archaeological sites: The activity focuses on Accessibility of archaeological sites and includes: a Communication campaign on accessible CVs in western Greece, marketing materials promoting accessible archaeological routes, diffusion at policy level of a special Geographic Information System (GIS) called “AccAeS”-ACCessibility to archAEological Sites.

PILOT EXPERIENCE 5: New Media tools (Facebook, Social Radio etc) Informative Campaign related to accessibility of CVs for gaining new CV visitors & increase CV knowledge & fresh perception of heritages.

PILOT EXPERIENCE 6: Full accessibility to the local city museum, for improving physical accessibility with features for the audibly and visually impaired (videos, hearing devices, leaflets etc).

PILOT EXPERIENCE 7: Increasing Social accessibility through a wireless system in the CV. The PE plans to build a wireless system next to the 4-5 most significant CVs & provide portable hearing devices for tourists. Furthermore a multilingual information touch screen will be placed at CVs.

PILOT EXPERIENCE 8: Accessibility to old city centres (mobility issues, including pavements and slopes) and ancient buildings (including stairs and passages): an old town accessibility planning for the city of Kranj.

PILOT EXPERIENCE 9: Access to Roman CVs in SEE countries for Children via digitalised monuments with the aim of improving the petception of a shared heritage from an early age.

PILOT EXPERIENCE 10: Increasing Policies on accessibility to CVs, including the realisation of a Handbook for policy makers. The Handbook will cover: comparison of minimum legal requirements on accessibility to CVs in the EU, CV access planning process & funding opportunities, CV conservation needs & accessibility questions, creation of a CV access strategy (stakeholder earmarked, audit, assessment, feasibility plan, economic potential, job opportunities to exploit).

PILOT EXPERIENCE 11: planning and carrying out accessibile art symposia & workshops in the fields of Fine Arts, New Media, Music and Dance in the Burgenland area, based on CV and aspects of contemporary art- Creating new offers for (culture)- tourism filed to have a positive effect on job-creation measures - transferring & presenting the results to other PPs by selected promotional-events.

PILOT EXPERIENCE 12: Creation of web-based games for EU citizens regarding CVs in the Varna Region and in SEE countries.