Municipal enterprise for planning & development S.A

This partner belongs to the group of project partners with already gained experiences in Interreg projects.It is also a  partner in an already running SEE project. It's experience in the matter will be used to ensure greater and more effective participation by thosepartners  with less experience in EU initiatives. According to the Greek law, the Company is a public equivalent body with the high majority of its stocksowned by the Municipality of Patras even though other municipalities and other developmental agenciesparticipate in the company management scheme. ADEP S.A constitutes an important development tool fora variety of sectors, such as: Strategic planning, local social and economic development, InformationSociety, environmental protection and natural heritage conservation, promotion of tourism and culturalproducts of the  local area.Adep S.A thus is the right partner to deal with economic players and ensure linkage between the projectcultural & economic aspects.In this regards its direct stakeholders for project communication (WP 2) will be primarily those active in theeconomic and business sector as well as those dealing with local development. Adep Sa will participate inthe development of WP 3, 4 and 5 bring contributions to the analysis of new professions related to CVsaccessibility, marketing tools for accessibility and promotion of the "For All concept".
EL.VENIZELOU 38 & SOLOMOU STR, Patras, 26333 Greece