Harghita County Council

Harghita county is situated in the middle of Romania, in the western part of Transylvania. The county ispart of Szeklerland a specific ethnic-cultural region where 85% of the inhabitants are Hungarian. Thereforethe role of cultural values are strong and different from the neighbouring regions. The county is rich inliving cultural values respecting traditions, events, buildings and legends etc.The tourism strategy of the county is based on cultural values and it is one of the unexploited resources in the development of the localeconomy. There is a strong local need to explore, make accessible and connect local cultural valuesto theeconomy in order to make the region coherent and strengthen identity and tourism activities.This partner will be particularly important for the project being focussed on incrementing socialaccessibility of cultural values in all activites promoted by CLEAR : Working groups, learning activities andpilot experience. It will add to the project a genuine link with the day-to-day issues faced by the complexityof cultural integration.

Piata Libertatii 5, Miercurea Ciuc, 530140 Romania