PP1 represents a platform, an European network of artists promoting peace, solidarity, tolerance andacceptance among people and countries, founded in autumn 2001. The Partner role in the project will be toenhance accessibility of cultural Values rendering the EU heritage "alive" using contemporary art events forall. The partner will carry out accessible art symposia & workshops in the fields of Fine Arts, New Media,Music  and  Dance in the Burgenland area.Creating new offers for (culture)- tourism filed (e.g. activity ?open windows? during workshops /symposion:* Physical accessibility to/and in CVs with contemporary context (contribution to project objective 1a (3.3)* access for all to get in direct contact with artists from SEE / EU and get into exchange about concepts andtechniques  to and in CVs* access as a  free service * presenting and promoting cultural diversity as one of the basic CVs of the EU as stated in the EU-constitution
Marktstraße -Technologiezentrum 3, Eisenstadt, 7000 Austria