Enaip S. Zavatta Foundation

The partner has a pivotal role in the project. It represents people with different abilities, with socially fragile backgrounds and without doubt a voice to be heard in regard to social and job insertion of disadvantaged groups, dealing specifically with this target population since 1959. ENAIP is also an important institution for offering learning opportunites to social operators & professionals involved with marginalised groups. In the past decade, often sponsored by the Emilia Romagna Region via FSE projects, it has realised the most innovative projects in the social integration of very vulnerable & marginalised groups.The project will bring its expertise in:

  • WP3, participating in the working groups planned
  • WP 4, leading e-learning activities (ENAIP is an Italian accreditated e-learning centre belonging to the ENAIP network composed by more than 200 branches nationwide)
  • WP 5, structuring accessibility paths within CV's regarding knowledge opportunities for people with special learning needs (somewhat personalised, yet not alternative, knowledge routes in CVs). The subjects treated of in both activity 3 and 4 will relate to new professions linked with accessibility to CVs.
  • WP1 and WP2 will engage in communicational activities with stakeholders from mainly the social & finaluser groups. It will also be able to diffuse project outcomes/issues among training centres and professionalnetworks, as well as among professionals, so fostering equal opportunities of the most fragile segment ofthe population.
Viale Valturio 4, Rimini, 47923 Italy